March 2010 Poetry Reading

O'Grady's Restaurant, Gort - March 28th

As part of the third Forge at Gort Literary Festival, Clare Three Legged Stool Poets were asked to give a reading at O'Grady's Restaurant in the town. The three poets who read were Patrick Stack, Brian Mooney, and Arthur Watson in that order.

Patrick Stack

Patrick Stack read four poems from his unpublished collection Iconoclast, and the two most recent as follows:

  • Bringlóid
  • Untitled bilingual sonnet - Watch recording!
  • Staring at the Wall
  • Iconoclast
  • Ganntanas
  • In Ganymede

Brian Mooney

Brian Mooney read a couple of poems, including the wonderful Burnt Cottage the recording of which you can view here, from his published collections.

Arthur Watson

Arthur Watson read a several poems, including the following: