February 2010 Poetry Readings

Glór - February 20th

In addition to the usual mix of live music from a locally-based musician and 'open mic' poetry, this month's guest poets are Colette Wittorski who reads in French and Fred Johnston who reads his English translation of her poems.

Colette Wittorski

Colette Wittorski was born in Le Havre, Normandy, before the second world war. Her father was of Lithuanian origin; her mother died while giving birth to Colette. Having fled the countryside with her family during the German occupation, she continued her studies by correspondence course. Later she did a degree in philosophy.
She worked for some years in Paris in publishing and teaching. She married and withdrew to devote herself to her family.
The events of May 1968 helped bring about a re-awakening. She abandoned the state education system, working as a social worker, and then in adult education. Poetry returned to her and she regained the inspiration of her youth.
Colette now lives in Central Brittany with partner, the sculptor and painter, Olivier Danican, and continues to write poetry.

View video.

Fred Johnston

Fred Johnston was born in Belfast and has been a journalist and reviewer for many years. In 1986 he founded Galway City's annual literature festival, Cúirt. In the mid-Seventies, with Neil Jordan and Peter Sheridan, he set up the Irish Writers' Co-operative. A novelist, critic and poet, he has recently begun to write poetry almost exclusively in French and to publish in France. He lives in Galway where he established The Western Writers' Centre