Last Saturday’s reading in Glór

Mike Douse reads in Glór

Mike Douse reads his poetry

We had a very enjoyable and varied reading in Glór last Saturday 12th January. The guest poet, Mike Douse, treated us to a series of parodies he has written on some famous poems by well-known poets of the past and present, and ran a little competition for the audience to guess which poets were being parodied. Jinny Thomas from Feakle, a member of  Clare Three-Legged Stool Poets, was the winner and will receive a hard-back book of poetry as a prize!

Proceedings kicked off with a surprise visit from Dutch poet Peter van Lier in the company of Frank Golden who popped in on their way to a launch in Ennistymon. Peter read 10 of his pieces in Dutch and English. Frank also read a recent poem.

Several members of the audience also contributed poems of their own during the ‘open mic’ section. Patrick Stack acted as MC.

Music was provided by Peter Kay who played some of his own compositions on his keyboard, and Cathy Desmond played us out with a beautiful Irish piece on her viola.


Poetry Quiz

I’m excited by the initiative taken by Clare Three-Legged Stool Poets for All-Ireland Poetry Day 2012. The Poetry Quiz was a brainchild of Mike Douse who also came up with the questions.

I agreed to develop the Quiz as an online application. It proved trickier than I initially thought, and for a while I was worried I wouldn’t get it finished on time. But thanks to that most useful of programming workhorses, the humble array, my worries proved to be without foundation.

Mike will be supplying me with the correct answers for display once the deadline has passed.

So have a go yourself! If nothing else, you are bound to learn more about poetry than you already know.

Reading at Clare Intercultural Festival

It was a beautiful afternoon on Saturday last (21 July) for the annual Clare Intercultural Festival which was held in the grounds of St. Flannan’s in Ennis.

There was an eclectic mix of singing and dancing by Clare residents from such varied places as Nigeria, and Chile – to name the two I had the pleasure to be at.

There was also a 15 minute poetry reading by members of Clare Three-Legged Stool Poets:

  • Mike Douse
  • Patrick Stack
  • Mary Ellen Fean
  • Fred Johnston

A member of the group, Martin Vernon, was MC for the day.

The Clare Three-Legged Stool Poets group are looking forward to giving a more substantial contribution at next year’s event.